A must read on unpredictable work schedules

A research roundup on unpredictable schedules in the US

This a quick read on the recent research and consequences of unpredictable work schedules. Some of the results are intuitive, but worth noting:

  1. Businesses with unpredictable schedules for employees have higher turnover which makes it difficult to establish and maintain customer service.
  2. Less employees on site during peak hours or if there is a surprise uptick in demand. So, sales are lost.
  3. Financial instability comes with unpredictable hours.
  4. Women and nonwhites are disproportionately affected.
  5. Physical and mental health of employees and their families is affected as additional stress comes with unpredictable hours and earnings.

The common thread throughout is such that unpredictable work schedules seem to be low skill jobs that do not require higher education. As I’ve written before, a more educated workforce is a more productive workforce. As this research indicates, a more educated workforce will be healthier economically and emotionally.

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